Firstly, we tend to mention Atipattra as a friend, a trusted vendor rather than a company that strictly focused on building the brand itself – we're likely to build the heart of lovers, then grow ourselves through the path of love. We keep this to mantain the projects not as a deadline work, or our couples as our business clients; it is more like to be the go to guy that willing to be their friends when it comes to affection, soulmates, or lovers (in this case, maybe we’re a bit of introvert, melancholic person).

Atipattra itself was established in July, 2015. Well in this field at our age, maybe we're not good enough, or as professional as the big vendors. But we believe, persistance and be humble is the only way to keep growing no matter how young or old we are in the future.

Atipattra itself comes from a Sanskrit language – as we love the tradition of Indian, we choose this sacred language of Hinduism, as we tend a Wedding as a sacred ceremony and essential; it means a teak tree – we believe that every fine, old, timeless pieces come from its source, just like the teak wood from its tree. Bold, aging, and essential; pure and sacred just like teak wood – are our main essentials too.

What drives us the most is the philosophy itself, as we noted on the page before – this bound us in love with the intimacy of the couple, the purest kind of work that can be achieved through a good heart. You can capture the simplest form of affection, joy, and kindness; and it is the best kind of thing people can do (especially when it comes to heart–touching images, or we can make people happy, remembered the tenderness of love when they already married for years, or moved through the images). We also keep our images and films not to be too fun–directed, or too glamour. We tend to keep it pure, honest, and emotionally touching even when it comes to a happy moment, because we believe honesty is a timeless art, and it is not something that go through style / trends, it tends to go through time. Actually it's not because we're not a happy persons, but we're likely to see everything emotionally; so people can see the emotion through the images; just like the old proverb says – what you do is what you get.


Above all, we're likely to mention our best inspiration is the people who have a home within their heart and that home we mean is their partner, their lover, their soulmate, kind of the people you can't live without.

We love you as much as you love your soulmate, and yes we'D like to make that heart grow bigger through our #everlastingescapade of time, journey and affection.